Challenging Behaviours in Dementia Care : Prevention and Intervention

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PURPOSE OF THE TRAINING: To apply principles of intervention with individuals with major neurocognitive disorder to foster a collaborative climate and improved quality of life.

TARGET CLIENT:This training is intended for health care professionals, BAPs, volunteers, and family caregivers.

ABSTRACT: The new geriatric approach to treating major neurocognitive disorders emphasizes the dignity of the person by taking advantage of their remaining abilities to maintain a certain quality of life. This approach has an immediate effect on the management of behavioral and psychological symptoms.  The focus is on collaboration rather than coercion, thereby reducing agitation, aggression and anxiety.

Specific activities will be addressed in the training to enhance the strengths rather than the losses of the patient, even in severe Alzheimer’s disease.  Recently, we have seen the use of activities such as music to awaken memories buried in the memory to reconnect with people in the later stages of the disease.

This new approach in geriatrics reduces the number of problematic situations experienced on a daily basis by up to 87% (suspicion of theft, wandering and repeated questions to name a few).   Not only do we manage to slow down the process of loss of capacity and the progression of the disease, but everyone, patients, caregivers and the person’s entourage benefit from this approach which improves their comfort and quality of life.

Accredited training 3 hours. Estimated time to complete all modules: 3 hours.

Trainer: Mireille Guillemette, BSc, trainer and author, president of Mire Formation Conseil inc., and teacher at the CEVQ (Centre d’excellence du vieillissement de Québec)

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  1. marcel
    marcel dit :

    This formation is à very good knowledge source for everyone who have to assist a person affected by dementia . If we have a better ‘comprehension of theirs anxieties and agitations or others behaviours, we are able to resolve a 85% problems. It is an major help. Thank you very much!


  2. Shereef Raouf
    Shereef Raouf dit :

    Learned a lot from these activities when it comes to taking care of clientele with dementia. Thanks for this opportunity.

    Shereef Raouf RN


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